Portable Sand-Blasting Machines

Portable Sand-Blasting Machines for multiple applications, Models 25L and 50L 

The 25L and 50L models, are specially designed for applications that demand very often carriage of the machine and also for small surface treatment jobs.


Technical Characteristics:

Abrasive Media Storage Capacity: 25 Liters or 50L
Gun: Type 451 with trigger
Nozzles: Tungsten Carbide

Nozzles sizes:6 and 8 mm

Blasting Hose: 1,5m.  (5/8”)


Dimensions (mm) :                   25L                    50L        …

Pressure Blasting Cabinet type Dyna M200HP

Manual shotblasting cabinet with pressure system for cleaning heavy rusted parts

One manul gun
Pressure pot (50Lit)
Remote control valve
Self-cleaning Dust collector
Electric controlled rotary table
Automatic door open/close
Operator platform


Sandblasting machine for Glass, type GlassBlaster M225

Used (Refurbished) Full automatic Sandblasting machine for Glass, type GlassBlaster M225, make DYNAMIKI

Working height 2250mm
Two auto guns + One manual
Dust collector
Year of manufacture 2003
Refurbished (1 year warranty)

– SOLD –

DynaBlaster M23

DynaBlaster M23

Multi position sandblasting machine
Automatic opening/closing pneumatic door
Loading side table
Operators platform
Manual rotating tables

DynaBlaster M11-ST

DynaBlaster M11-ST

Manual sandblasting cabinet, type M11-ST

Loading side pneumatic opening/closing door
Sliding trolley
Easy loading of heavy parts directly from the building crane or forklift


Shot-Blasting Rooms

Our shot-blasting rooms are manufactured according to our client needs and space. The technical specifications of each blast room differ and are custom made.

The blast rooms in general are categorized as :

Manual recovery
Partial recovery and
Total recovery

For more details and complete technical / financial proposals, please contact us.…

Portable Pressure Blasters

Portable, Pressure Blast Pots (50, 100, 250Lit)

Solid Structure, Powder Coated
Wide variety of blast nozzles
Remote Control Valve
Antistatic blast hose
Max. Presssure 12bar
Max. working pressure 7bar
Protective helmet
Blast suit
Protective gloves
Carbon breathing filter
Water kit